Bespoke/Custom Steel Fabrication and Engineering

Tailored for your Business or Solution

NWI Fabrication have the capability and expertise to provide a wide range of custom metal products for our clients, tailored to your requirements as well as your budget and time restrictions. Our experienced team of welders and boilermakers will support you through every step from design through to execution.

We provide custom and bespoke metal services for a variety of industries, including but not limited to our parent company’s industry of weighing solutions and weighbridges. NWI Fabrication have provided solutions such as retail fit-outs, food processing plants, and structural steel solutions.

Client Centered Designs and Fabrication

Here at NWI Fabrication we pride ourselves on being client-focused with our designs and fabrication. Bespoke fabrication is unique. Therefore, it has to be just right for your solution or project. We will seek your consultation with every step of the process to ensure you are receiving the solution you need.

Inhouse Design & Engineering Services

From design engineering including structural, fabrication, assembly and commissioning, we can project manage any modifications or enhancement required for your solution. Based in NSW, NWI Fabrication is proudly Australian owned and run.  

Case Studies